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TMG Chemicals: "KPop idol G-Dragon says the N-Word during Music Core 3/8/2008!" ›





And the internet’s black people are in an uproar. Do you know how I feel about this? Embarrassed. Completely and totally E M B A R R A S S E D. I’m embarrassed that he said it and I’m even more embarrassed over all of the arguments and slander from black people that is happening over this.



 The lengths people will go to prove that oppa didn’t mean it. Fuck how black people feel. Fuck that G Dragon has black fans that are upset about this. Black people say the n word. So it’s our faults if others do the same. All that matters is G Dragon, fuck everyone else. All that matters is defending a grown ass man to the point that I’ll happily throw black people under the bus for it.

Every black person defending this foolishness is up on some straight up bullshit. Your oppa is ignorant and wrong, and we can not progress until people stop justifying the behavior of and apologizing on behalf a fucking public figure who put himself up for scrutiny the moment he signed a goddamned contract.

I have nothing but contempt for your mawkish ‘embarrassment’ for me and my people, and your so-called ‘historical justification’ of why G-Dragon is innocent, and how we’re somehow the real problem here.

The OP can get fucked three different ways to Sunday, honestly. Every POC still riding their oppressors’ dick will be getting theirs anyways, so… nice try!!!

To every person taking this as me “defending G-Dragon”, please stop jumping to conclusion. G-Dragon is just as wrong as everyone else. Stop feeling so offended that the finger is also being pointed back at you. G-Dragon is far from innocent. If he did even a bit of digging on the subject even to just the surface, he’d know that it was wrong. He should have known better.

Everyone should know better. What I am saying is that I am sick and tired of my “fellow black people” thinking that its okay for us to say it as well. I mean, you KNOW what it means, right? Am I the only person who thinks its backwards, idiotic, and self-oppressive for black people to call each other something like that in such a casual manner? I’m not saying that its good for other people to say it! No one should say it.

So, please. Stop with the foolishness when it comes to it. White people shouldn’t say it, Asian people shouldn’t say it, Latin people shouldn’t say it, and black people DEFINITELY shouldn’t say it.

I don’t see Asian people going around calling each other “chinks”.

"Hey, Chink! Wuzzup, chink! Hey, mah chink!" No. So what excuses us black people to call each other nigga when its meaning is "a dehumanized piece of property".

I’m not defending G-Dragon. If you would notice, I’m not defending anyone. What I’m saying is, I’m not even surprised. There are even present day white people thinking that its okay to say because they keep hearing it being used in such a casual manner in modern day rap music. No. Its not okay. Don’t say it. I get just as upset when people say it, including black people. Don’t say it to me and don’t say it to each other. I thought we had more respect than that.



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So here is um.. a macro!

Submission by: choco-sand-biscuit-cream

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barbuchin asked: Is it okay if I submit macros that have already been posted on my blog?

Of course! If its a jrock macro, its more than welcome here!


It’s really hard to make J-Rock macros, especially opposed to K-pop macros where there is an abundance of hilarious images to work with.

So, I’m opening up submissions! If you guys have any jrock macros you’d like to submit to this blog, please don’t hesitate to do so! It’ll be loads of fun and you get the credit for the macros you make!